Privacy Policy

What we collect

To enable freer socializing and conversing, we aim to know as little as possible about you.

When registering for Jax Social, we ask for a username, password, and email address. We use your username and password to create your profile on the site and secure it so only you can access it. After an initial verification email we use your email address only to send notifications that you subscribe to from your user preferences page.

We also use cookies to keep you logged into the site while you're here — otherwise there are no third-party cookies.

What we share

We will never share your personal data for advertising, marketing, or world domination purposes. This will never change.

This site's infrastructure is maintained by Masto.Host, which utilizes OVH data centers in France or Canada. We and Masto.Host are the only ones with access to the data on Jax Social. Their privacy policy is listed on their home page.

Access to our data by law enforcement requires a valid search warrant signed by a judge, unless the user is also in violation of our terms of service. We will always comply with lawful orders, but if a user is complying with our terms and generally not hurting anyone, we'll critically review access requests and reject any with insufficient legal backing.


If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will notify the community ahead of time from our admin account, @jaxsocial, and then update this page.


By using our site, you consent to this privacy policy.


If you have any questions or feedback on this policy, please don't hesitate to contact @jaxsocial.

This document was last updated May 19, 2021.


Jax.Social is a "hyper-local Twitter" for Jacksonville and northeast Florida, powered by Mastodon. Here you can connect with locals on Jax.Social and people around the world, without any ads or tracking.